Our Focus on Social, Emotional, and Character Development

With the unprecedented degree of connectivity millions of children now have at their fingertips, thanks to our great technological advances,1 it is more important than ever that we prepare them to learn from each other, communicate effectively, appreciate different perspectives, and resolve conflicts in positive, healthy ways.

Our first AIM graphic novel tackles the difficult topic of bullying. Bullying is a reality that many children face today. The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Teaching Tolerance Project notes that, every year, approximately 20% of all pupils experience bullying.2 Scholastic reports that anywhere from 20 – 30% of children experience “bullying incidents, as either perpetrators or victims.”3 Additionally, according to Not in Our Town, a recent national study concluded that nearly a third of all students aged 12 to 18 indicate that they have been bullied, and “40% of teachers and school staff consider bullying a moderate or major problem in their schools.”4

However, bullying is something that children can be equipped to eradicate. Empowering children to further develop their prosocial behaviors and advance their social, emotional, and character development is a promising way to end bullying.

The AIM Buddy Project focuses on five topics to help promote positive behaviors and social, emotional, and character development in young students.


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