What is learning from others?

Learning from others is a multifaceted concept. In the AIM Buddy Project, the topic of learning from others focuses on issues related to demonstrating humility with respect one’s knowledge or assumptions, respecting differences, and appreciating others and what they have to teach us (J. Baehr, personal communication, November, 2014).

Specifically, the student materials for this topic highlight the following related themes:

  • Recognizing and admitting when we don’t know something
  • Being willing to own and admit when we made a mistake about someone or something
  • Trying to learn from our mistakes
  • Being curious about the world
  • Being open to changing our ideas about someone or something
  • Understanding that we can learn a lot from other people, even if we don’t agree with them
  • Being respectful of others
  • Being careful not to make ‘wrong’ assumptions, especially based on stereotypes or prejudices

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