What is generosity?

When people demonstrate generosity, they are willing to give away or share their time, money, or belongings, even when those things mean a lot to them.1

The student materials for the AIM Buddy Project have been designed with this concept in mind and highlight the following related ideas:

  • Doing nice things for others and helping them, even when doing so requires personal sacrifices
  • Choosing to help and share with people not because you have to, or because other people tell you that you should, but because you think it is the right thing to do



  1. Kasser, T. (2005). Frugality, generosity, and materialism in children and adolescents. In K. A.
    Moore & L. H. Lippman (Eds.) What do children need to flourish?: Conceptualizing and
    measuring indicators of positive development (pp. 357-373). New York: Springer Science.

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