Arthur’s Reach and Potential

Every week, more than five million children tune in to enjoy ARTHUR episodes on PBS. The show’s tremendous popularity offers an exciting medium through which children in over 45 countries are entertained while learning academic and positive social skills.

ARTHUR’s dynamic, loveable cast models real children’s behavior as they grapple with many of the same challenges children face in their own world. Arthur and his friends exude enviable character traits, both when they make good decisions off the bat and when they learn to take responsibility for their mistakes.

Take a look at a few examples of just how far ARTHUR’s reach and potential can go:

  • ARTHUR’s international following includes fans from countries such as Australia and Turkey, cities such as Tehran and London, and islands such as Trinidad and Tobago
  • Arthur Facebook posts were seen by over 3 million users in 2014
  • The Arthur Interactive Media Study (AIMS) graphic novel So Funny I Forgot to Laugh (that covers the difficult topics of bullying and empathy), was chosen as a finalist in the interactive category for the 2014 Prix Jeunesse award for children’s media
  • The Arthur Family Health website supports parents as they navigate through challenging health issues
  • Arthur’s When Someone You Know Has Cancer booklet gives parents age-appropriate, hopeful, and empowering ways to talk to children about cancer.

To learn more about Arthur and his friends click here.

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