Classroom Interactive Media

Explore the five AIM topics—empathy, honesty, forgiveness, generosity, and learning from others—with interactive stories or games based on episodes of the PBS children’s series ARTHUR. Embedded questions throughout the interactive stories and games encourage students to engage in thoughtful discussions and reflect on character’s feelings and perspectives, behaviors, and consequences, and resolving conflicts.

  • Empathy: “So Funny I Forgot To Laugh”–Explore the topic of empathy in this interactive comic. When Arthur takes his teasing too far, it upsets Sue Ellen. Can Arthur find a way to apologize for bullying Sue Ellen and save their friendship?
  • Honesty: “Francine’s Tough Day” –Explore the topic of honesty in this interactive comic. Francine gets caught in three different scenarios where she needs to decide whether, to tell the truth. Francine grapples with telling the truth and finds out that it is not always easy to do.
  • Forgiveness: “Buster’s Growing Grudge”–Explore the topic of forgiveness in this interactive comic. Buster gets mad because he thinks his friend stole his joke. Buster finds out that holding a grudge doesn’t make him feel better. Can he find a way to let go of his grudge?
  • Generosity: “Arthur’s Giving and Keeping Game”–Explore the topic of generosity in this interactive game. Arthur finds out sharing things (including time) isn’t always easy to do. Help Arthur make some difficult decisions about sharing his chocolates, money, and time with friends.
  • Learning from Others: “Dear Adil”–Explore the topic of learning from others in this interactive comic. Arthur makes some wrong assumptions about his new pen pal in Turkey. Can Arthur realize his information was wrong and get accurate information?
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