The AIM Buddy Project 2015–2016 has begun!

The Arthur Interactive Media (AIM) Buddy Project 2015–2016 program is in motion! Our research team has met with administrators in school districts across Massachusetts and have begun training teachers who will be participating in the AIM Buddy Project 2015-2016 research study.

What is the AIM Buddy Project?

In a nutshell, the AIM Buddy Project is a unique program developed to promote social, emotional, and character development (including prosocial behaviors) in elementary school children. It’s a reality in schools everywhere that bullying, teasing, and non-inclusive behaviors are widespread. As a promising way to help reduce these behaviors the AIM program serves to promote students’ strengths and character attributes as well as to enhance their school and classroom contexts.

What’s different about the AIM Buddy Project?

  • AIM uses interactive online comics and games instead of storybooks.
  • AIM interactives are based on the episodes of PBS children’s series, ARTHUR.
  • AIM is a cross-grade collaborative learning process (buddy pairs: 1/4 and 2/5).
  • AIM is grounded in research.

*For more information on these four points, visit The Program and The Research section on this site

Come back often and follow the progress of the AIMS Pilot Program!

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