AIM Buddy Project: Digital Group Wrap-Up

As our work on the AIM Buddy Project wraps up, the Digital Production Group at WGBH pauses a moment to reflect on what we’ve learned during our development of the five interactive comics and games . . .


We created the five AIM interactive comics and games because we EMPATHIZE with kids, parents, and teachers. Everyone has challenges living in today’s world. Our goal is that the AIM interactive comics and games will help kids navigate the rough patches and challenges they encounter in everyday life.


We want to be HONEST—we had to work through some unexpected, interesting challenges that came up while developing the interactive comics and games, such as:

  •  Devising a game that would help kids learn the nuances of generosity;
  •  Creating a “Grudge” that was memorable and effective, but not too scary for little kids;
  • Helping kids understand why it’s not always easy to be honest even when they know “honesty is the best policy”.

Learning From Others

When we began this project, we knew that a large part of our process would be testing with kids. We have learned over time that there’s nothing like kid-testing a product to teach us that things don’t always work the way we think they will––nothing says “change your approach to this game” faster than a handful of kids quickly losing interest. So, we have LEARNED FROM OTHERS, and humbly thank all of our kid-testers for helping make the interactive comics and games all they could be!


Developing a new product involves a team of people who share their time, expertise, and energy––and the AIM program was no exception. To everyone who contributed, from school districts willing to test the program in the classroom to teachers who integrated the AIM interactive comics and games into their already-stretched schedules to students who took time from their regular school days to play and learn with us, and to partners who worked diligently to gather information, guide, and advise us––your GENEROSITY in sharing your time and expertise is greatly appreciated!


Since we’re not currently holding any grudges, this topic’s a little harder to write about––but the entire Digital Production group at WGBH wants to thank YOU for your continued interest, encouragement, and persistence in sticking with us through the entire development process . . . and we ask your FORGIVENESS if we ran astray once or twice!


from the Digital Production Group at WGBH



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