ARTHUR’s Impact

Every year, millions of people all over the world watch Arthur. With so many stories that make viewers laugh, think, and explore, it is no surprise that Arthur has connected with generations of fans.

Recently, the Arthur team reached out to followers on social media, asking fans to share stories about their relationship with the show and how it has positively impacted their lives. We received hundreds of heartwarming messages from our wide audience.


Millennials who grew up watching the show described how they continue to use the messages they learned from ARTHUR every day:

  • “Arthur teaches, in my opinion, the more important lessons rather than math and spelling, and that’s tolerance and how different people are. Like the opening song goes ‘Everybody on the street has an original point of view.’” –Amber (Age 20)

Some shared stories about the excitement they felt when they saw themselves represented in the ARTHUR characters on television:

  • “Dear Adil”

    I was raised to believe that exposure creates tolerance and understanding (for most things), so I was always thrilled when Arthur would introduce new characters with different backgrounds. “Dear Adil” especially excited me because my dad’s name is Adil, and growing up I had never really seen many characters in American media that even remotely resembled my family and heritage.” –Naz (Age 20)


Parents shared how Arthur has influenced the way they speak to their children about topics and issues that are sometimes difficult to discuss:

“When Carl Met George”

  • “Because of the range of topics that Arthur covers, it has helped me cover several topics with my kiddos. “When Carl Met George” [is the story that] allowed me to explain his Autism to my son. It was so much easier for both he and my daughter to understand and not to mention so much easier to explain.” –Danielle (Parent)


Teachers reached out to express the importance of Arthur in their classrooms:

  • “The Arthur show was one of my favorites because I felt like I could easily relate to many of the characters…Best of all, I LOVE that the Arthur cast is fond of reading and going to the library! It helped validate my interest in reading and made it cool to love books. Currently I am a 3rd grade teacher, and my students know how much I love Arthur.” –Natalie (Teacher)

The Arthur team was thrilled and gratified to receive such positive feedback. If you have an impact story to share, please email us at

We hope Arthur has helped you have a wonderful kind of day!








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