Arthur’s 20th Anniversary

For two decades, Arthur has entertained and touched millions of children and their families with its heartfelt and humorous stories about family, friends, and the challenges of growing up. This October,  Arthur is celebrating its 20th anniversary season—that’s twenty years of helping children learn how to tackle the challenges of childhood with kindness, empathy, and respect for self and others!

Gang on sofa.png

Arthur has made a lasting impact on television (with over 7 million viewers per month last season) and in classrooms, too (with more than 2.8 million Arthur guides and materials delivered to educators). And next year with the new episodes of Arthur and the dissemination of AIM Buddy Project curriculum, parents, children, and educators all over the world (in 80 countries!) will continue to feel the influence and impact of Arthur and his friends.

In our new season, Arthur stays true to the tradition of tackling tough issues that kids face every day. With episodes about telling the truth to your friends and being responsible for taking care of a pet, the newest season of Arthur continues to provide positive messages and lessons for young viewers.arthur-website

In addition to brand new episodes, Arthur has lots of exclusive online content to celebrate 20 years on the air. You can find it all on the Arthur website along with fun and engaging digital games, videos, and activities for kids, resources for parents at PBS Parents, as well as a host of kid- and adult-friendly pediatric health resources on the Arthur Family Health website.

On May 29, 2017, join us as we hang around with Arthur and his friends for a one-hour special that will cap off the season with adventure, time-travel, and the most exciting event of all – D.W.’s fifth birthday party!


But until then, click here and get a glimpse of 20 years of Arthur and his friends!




















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